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Our Competency Areas

Through our proprietary development methodology and framework, we enable rapid deployment and modular maintenance of transformative solutions. Solutions that will enable any organization, big or small, regardless of the industry, minimize unncessary processes and bottlenecks, and fully reap the rewards of the digital revolution.

Technology Strategy Consulting

We enable organizations mature from a manual, labor-intensive nature to fully taking advantage of today's digital technologies through an achievable and manageable strategic innovation plan.

Applications Development and Support

We deliver enterprise-grade, cross-technology customized application platforms to organizations, big or small, to address varying needs and requirements.

Blockchain Platforms Implementation

We provide industry-leading design and deployment of blockchain-based enterprise applications for organizations to maximize access, identity & logic management through cryptography.

Algorithms Design and Implementation

We take advantage of data science to enable organizations utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI-based Workflow Optimization, Bioinformatics and Information Visualizations.

Systems Vulnerability Assessment

We thoroughly assess a client's IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities in the Application, Database and Network layers through our industry-aligned multi-activity approach.

Data Privacy Compliance Assurance

We ensure organizations, regardless of industry and geography, abide by legal and technical standards on data privacy, portability and security through continuous process reviews and improvements.

Our 5S Digital Transformation Model

We believe technology plays a crucial role in empowering society to lead significantly better lives, and that technological innovations, when done in a financially viable and sustainable manner, can transform how organizations work and serve the community.

Through our innovation champions, we figure out the best way to create value for you and your customers, be it through improving business processes, redesigning IT systems, or maximizing operational efficiency.


    We define and align the vision and overall strategy from top-level management down to the entire organization, while at the same time understanding the status quo.


    We devise a tailored strategic plan and roadmap aligned to the organization's vision and objectives. We continuously validate and consult, iterating until the strategy is technically and functionally sound.


    We expose the organization to the transformation strategy, identifying innovation champions to assist propagation and adoption. We capture and process end-user feedback, tailoring the strategic plan as needed.


    We activate the strategic plan through our techno-functional team, working alongside innovation champions within the organization to test and validate our implementation.


    We ensure the innovation platform we created is always optimal and reliable. We support additional enhancements, issue resolution, and data reporting and analytics so that you may focus on managing and growing your organization.

Global Delivery

We have helped countless organizations transform and maximize today's digital technologies.

These organizations span a wide array of industries including Healthcare, Governance, Construction, Manufacturing and Retail, Consumer Services, and Finance.

Awards and Recognitions

Our Maroon team is worldclass in terms of competence and excellence, and this is manifested in the multitude of successes we have achieved in various competitions all over the world.

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